What's On Duty?

OnDuty was born from the idea of colleagues to simplify the entry of shift services into the Exchange calendar. You probably know this: For each appointment, you have to select the start and end time, availability and the calendar to be used. Also, the question was how to calculate the hours worked quickly and easily.

On Duty makes it easier!

You define your shifts once and then enter them with a finger swipe. Then use On Duty to write the entries into your calendar. It couldn't be simpler.

Here are the most important features of the app

  • Support of several profiles
    • You can create profiles in On Duty. But what is the point? Suppose you want your partner's roster, child's (...) roster to always be at hand. At the same time, however, your calendar should not be flooded. Then create your own profile for each person in On Duty. Each profile can be assigned its own calendar.
  • Recording your working hours including readiness, overtime, time off compensation (as so-called "minus shifts"), ...
  • Export/Import: You have the possibility to export and share your roster (colleagues, friends, partners)
    • by e-mail
    • using iTunes
  • Backup/Restore
    • You can of course make a backup of your data. These backup files are first saved locally on your iPhone. If you pair On Duty with your Dropbox account, the backups are automatically stored there. This ensures data security. It is recommended to send a backup copy of all data to your own e-mail address from time to time.
  • Extensive statistical evaluations
    • On Duty creates a printable report of your duty roster on request. You can choose between monthly and annual reports. The report contains a wide range of information (working times, overtime, remuneration if specified in the shift definition, and so on). The report can be printed directly from your device (if you have a compatible printer installed). It is also possible to export the report to other applications.
    • Export the duty roster as CSV file for import into spreadsheet programs.
  • Display of holidays where "own" holidays can be defined.

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